General Information on Ice Vending



It is clear that the traditional ice production and distribution model is extremely inefficient.

These inefficiencies lead to a burden on the environment and fuel the unnecessarily high costs of ice. The Ice Depot has revolutionizing the way ice is made and delivered. We have developed a system that virtually eliminates all inefficiencies in the system while reliably providing the cheapest, freshest, purest and cleanest ice available. The end result; making a statement that we protect our planet by providing the best ice at the best price. 

We invite you to join the ice revolution!



Most competitive price unit available, where simplicity meets reliability

No Franchise,  Annual license and Maintenance Fees

Best ROI of new generation machines

Moveable money generating asset

Earn cash / Passive income

Huge profit margins

Tax deductable

Easy business - be your own boss, work any hours and no staff

NEW - Ground level opportunity

Green business

Commercially proven

Free site evaluation

Its the way of the future



Any High Traffic Retail Location

Gas / Service Stations

Camp Grounds / RV Parks / State Parks

Marina’s / Boat Ramps

Construction Sites

Stand Alone Locations

Shopping Centers

Liquor stores



Own a machine, find a location and you are in business.

It's as simple as that. No Franchise fees, no hoops to jump through.

With our guidance and expertise, you can start your own business today.

Find a suitable location or use your own location.

To expand just duplicate the model.



Within 5 years this will be the only way ice is distributed. The old method involving huge ice plants, transporting ice in large trucks will be history. The game has changed!


Pro Tips

You are now part of a new generation. Saving the planet one ice cube at a time.

You are changing a 150 year old method of ice distribution & introducing the way of the future - ice made on site.


1. Plan your placement - find a location.

     a. If your location is not meeting your expectation, MOVE THE MACHINE.

     b. You have the ability to pick up your machine and move it - take advantage of that.


2. You must treat the machine as a business.

    It is a small ice factory and it requires the same input as any new business

    You must build and maintain relationships with:

          a. Landlord

          b. Staff


3. Important for start up success:

    a.  Advertise/Market your business

    b.  Promote your business

    c.  Have excellent customer care available

    d.  Educate your customers

    e.  Maintain your machine

    f.  Maintain the Scotsman ice maker as per the manual

    g.  Keep your machine clean and in working condition

    h.  Adhere to all local rules, regulations and permits


By following these pro tips you will get the fastest return on your investment, establish a good customer base, make cold hard cash and have the potential to pay off your machine in one year.