Affordable Ice Vending Machines that are simply... simple!


It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that Ice Vending Machines are the way to make money. So now what? You've probably looked at different companies machine prices and immediately thought about investing in the stock market instead; until now. The Ice Depot has designed a machine that is specifically geared toward start up success. Earning enough cold hard cash to potentially pay off your investment within a ONE year. Making money with Ice Depot’s Ice Vending Machines is easy because we’ve eliminated everything that does not work for the business model. 

Here some of the issues we have eliminated:


  • High cost of initial Ice Vending Machines investment: All of pur competitors are charging between $30,000 - $120,000 just to get started! It takes longer to see a return on investment (ROI) if your overhead is too high!

  • Complicated machinery causing ice bridging, coin jams and excessive maintenance costs. 

  • License and franchise fees – if you are doing all the work then you should get all the profit! (Even though there is not that much work that needs to be done - cheers to passive income ideas!)


Advantages of an Ice Depot Vending Machine


  • Price  -  Our Ice Vending Machines start at $18,000 and our competitors are in the $35 -180k range.

  • Capacity - Our Ice Vending Machines offer a large bin capacity  - 800 lb. in small footprint - Best in class.

  • Reliability – Our Ice Vending Machines are Made in the USA  -  All aluminum frame PLUS our Patented – “never jam” dispensing system.

  • Low Maintenance – Because our no frills Ice Vending Machines utilize simple, heavy duty machinery the reliability compared to our competitors is incomparable!

  • Customizable – Ultimately, we can customize the machine to your needs. In terms of the cuber, as well as the dispensing unit.

  • Profitable – Our Ice Vending Machines offer the best ROI of new generation machines. Compare the numbers!

  • Peace of mind - Remote monitoring of your Ice Vending Machine available through Scotsman cuber.

  • Commercially Proven –  Have confidence that your Ice Vending Machine is backed by 6 years of industry experience. We learnt the hard way so you don't have too!

  • Satisfaction – Our Ice Vending Machines offer a 10 year warranty on the dispensing method and a 3 year parts and labour warranty on the ice Maker.

  • Green technology – Our Ice Vending Machines use 80% less energy than the traditional method.