After spending six years involved in manufacturing ice vending machines, managing ice vending routes and maintaining machines in the field, we have eliminated all the existing and potential problems:

  •  High cost of machine - ROI

  •  Complicated ice bagging systems

  •  Capacity Issues

  •  Ice bridging when using augers

  •  Coin jams

  •  Maintenance

  •  License and franchise fees




This is an example of what happens if you use the auger method to dispense ice. You end up fighting what ice naturally does - bridge. Attempting to use mechanical arms to break a solid block of ice has become outdated technology that causes long term issues.


1. The ice bridging 

2. The ice breaker trying and prevent bridging - not working

3. The ice that is left in bin is nearly impossible to get out 

We call this the old school method of dispensing ice. This is still used by most manufactures that do not have the ability to change due to the high cost of redesigning a machine and would rather aggressively power sell flawed machines.

Our machine has a 10 year warranty on the dispensing method